Method 1: Use MEP Logger Software

The MEP logger software will connect to your Blackberry phone and read the IMEI and MEP code directly from your phones handset.

Click here to get the MEP logger software.

Instructions for MEP Logger software:

  1. If you haven’t already done so please download and install the latest Blackberry Handset Manager. Click here, it works on all versions of windows from XP upwards including all 64bit versions.
  2. Disable the password from your phone and switch it off and on
  3. Connect your phone to PC give it a few min’s to read
  4. Load up Blackberry Logger and press read blackberry handset info button.
  5. The tool will now display your phones information and make a log file of it in the same folder as the application is stored. Just get the data from either and make a note of it.  you are now ready to get your unlocking code.



Method 2: How to read MEP without using cable

for manual instruction on how to get your Blackberry MEP Number Click Here.