Unlocked Blackberry Torch 9810 – Introduction

unlocked blackberry torch 9810
If you want a phone with a combination of both touch screen and QWERTY pad, buy Unlocked Blackberry Torch 9810 now. It is an upgraded version of Blackberry Torch 9800 and is faster than you can imagine. For those Blackberry enthusiasts, you will definitely love this product and you would consider it as the best upgrade for your old phone.

Unlocked Blackberry Torch 9810 is equipped with high-end features. It uses the latest technology which is very beneficial, especially to some professionals. It is 4G enabled. That’s why browsing experience is faster. It comes with a QWERTY pad. So, if you are tired of tapping your screen and want to use QWERTY pad, just slide down your phone and you can already use the pad. In addition, it has a long battery life.

If you buy early, you can have discounts on unlocked Blackberry Torch 9810 for sale. Choose your retail store for this product and purchase it to experience its magnificent features.

Product Features

  • Equipped with BlackBerry OS 7
  • Has an optional QWERTY pad
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • It has an 8-gigabyte internal storage
  • Users can expand its internal storage to 32 gigabytes
  • Has HSDPA, GSM, and near field communication support


Unlocked Blackberry Torch 9810 has many advantages that you can enjoy. Its design is the same with its older version. The only difference with this latest version is that it has a silver paint. The display is very responsive. Its upgrade version of OS is a great help for all users. Graphics are sharp and vibrant. Its 1.2 GHz processor is faster as expected. You will not experience any lag with this phone. You can tap with a snap.

If you are tired of using its touch screen functions, you can use its QWERTY pad. It can work in both portrait and landscape mode. The slider of unlocked Blackberry 9810 is smooth and you can use it in an open or closed position. It provides good call quality. Its camera also produces high quality photos. You can record a video easily as well. Displays are much clearer compared to its old version. With this phone, you can download hundreds of applications in the market. Browsing experience is faster than ever.



Like other Blackberry smartphones, unlocked Blackberry Torch 9810 has also its defects. However, it depends on its users. There’s no improvement on the design. It’s just the same with its predecessor. Unlocked Blackberry Torch 9810 is much expensive compared to some smartphones in the market. When connected with 4G, battery life is eaten immediately. You have to charge it soon if you don’t want interruption on the connection.

Unlocked Blackberry Torch 9810 is in a good state and working properly. Sometimes, devices can be damaged if shipped. You have to find a trusted site that will ensure your product’s safety. Its price is reasonable because its high-end features are incomparable. Battery life issues are found to be the same with all smartphones in the market. When connected to wireless connections, it is normal for a battery to become low or empty. Its manufacturer guarantees users that they will not regret this product. With proper maintenance and care, your phone will last long.

Customer Reviews and Scores

So far, many customers are satisfied with unlocked Blackberry Torch 9810. The speed of the mobile phone is impressive and it’s fast as they expected. Customers recommend it to people who want a combination of both QWERTY pad and touch screen phone. In addition, reviewers stated that the phone is working fine and there’s nothing wrong with it.

Complaints for a certain product are unavoidable. Depending on the situation, some customers complained for its battery life when connected to a wireless connection. Others demand for some improvements for one of the latest models of Blackberry.

Unlocked Blackberry Torch 9810 got 4.2 out of 5 stars. Out of 31 customer reviews, 65% of them have 5 stars. 16% of customer reviewers rated it with 4 stars. 6% of reviews have 3 stars. No one rated for 2 stars and only 13% of customer reviewers rated it with 1 star.


Unlocked Blackberry Torch 9810 is a great choice if you want a touch screen phone with QWERTY pad. It is perfect for smartphone enthusiasts. With the 1.2 GHz processor, you can access every application with a snap. Its camera produces high quality photos which you can share in different social media networking sites. The QWERTY pad of unlocked Blackberry Torch 9810 is attractive and can be used with an ease. Experience the boost of unlocked Blackberry 9810. It is now available in different local stores and malls.

You can buy unlocked Blackberry Torch 9810 online. Just make sure that you will purchase it in a reputable online store. Moreover, read unlocked Blackberry Torch 9810 reviews to know all its good and bad points. If you plan to upgrade to blackberry 9810 phone, make sure you unlock your old blackberry before reselling it, the value of your phone will increase and there for you can get more $$$ for you old toy.

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