In this short tutorial we will show you how to determine if you blackberry phone is Locked, Hard locked ( 0 tries left to enter unlock code) or Unlocked.



Step 1: On your Home Screen go to ‘Options’


Step 2: Select “Advanced Options” (if there is no “Advanced Options” select “Device” and than “Advanced System Settings”)


Step 3: Select “SIM Card”


Step 4: Type letters MEPD, in some cases you would need to type MEPPD. NOTE: you might need to type in caps, also letters will not appear on-screen but you will be presented with personalization screen, as the one shown below


Step 5: Personalization screen of your blackberry, Since Network is Active (Enabled) or if Service Provider is Active (Enabled) your phone is Locked and needs unlock code considering you have tries to enter the code.


In order to find out if there are any tries you need to type MEP2 (make sure to hold ALT for 2), in some cases you would need to type MEPP2 or hold ALT and type MEPE. If you have ( 0 left) your phone is Hard locked and can not be unlocked by IMEI, please do not order unlock code.


If you have ( 1 or more tryes left, in most cases it will be 10) your phone is LOCKED and CAN be unlocked by IMEI, please order your unlock code here.


If all locks on Personalisation Screen are Disabled or Inactive than your phone is UNLOCKED and can be used with any compatible GSM Network Provider.