There are 2 Methods for getting MEP Number (Format: MEP-XXXXX-XXX, where X stands for Numbers ONLY, also known as SIM lock type of phone)

Please NOTE: MEP number is NOT your Unlock code, do not waste your tries by entering it as MEP/MEP2/MEP4 unlock code

  1. By connecting your Blackberry to PC/Mac via USB cable using Blackberry Reader
  2. Manually directly from your Blackberry Engineering screen.

Method # 1: To get MEP via USB cable, Please download Blackberry Reader from HERE.

  1. Once downloaded, open or run the program
  2. Click ” Read Phone ” button
  3. Connect Blackberry to  computer via USB cable
  4. Do NOT type anything to the BB Reader as it will read/display Your IMEI and MEP.

If you are unable to use Blackberry Reader please check troubleshooting tips first or you might obtain your IMEI and MEP numbers manually….

Method # 2: To get MEP manually please obtain PIN, APP Version, UpTime from HELP ME! Screen.

How to get your MEP Code, follow these simple directions:
To get to HELP ME! screen on your blackberry.
Go to your home screen, hold ALT + Shift, and press H. DO NOT EXIT this screen.

For Pearl handsets, hold ALT and press R, A, C, E.

blackberry-pearlAfter Step above similar screen will appear:

blackberry help me screen

Fill in the information as required by the form below, by referring to the Help Me! screen. Make sure to include all dots any brackets
and numbers in the App Version for it to work correctly. Ensure Key
Duration is set to 1 day.

BB MEP calculator

The key will automatically populate in the webform, carefully type this
into the Help Me! screen. Please type the letters in a lower case and remember to press the ALT key to enter
numbers. You won’t see any text on the screen as you type, but don’t
worry, if it’s been done correctly once you’re finished the Engineering
Screen Contents menu will appear. Choose OS Engineering Screens

Blackberry OS Engineering Screen

Choose Device Info

Blackberry device info

Scroll to the bottom, you will find your phone’s MEP code.

MEP Numbers

Please contact us with IMEI and MEP for further assistance.