Shipping & Delivery

All codes are instantly displayed to the buyer on the thank you page after purchase. In the event of a network issue where your code might not be displayed to you, an emailed backup copy is sent. Be sure to check your spam box.

Return Policy

Your business is very important to us and we value our clients!
However, due to the nature of the process being digital, we have no way to verify for sure whether or not our services were successful. Therefore, all sales are final. Any consideration given to a return or credit is handled on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us for all inquiries.

Money Back Guarantee does not apply where customer has sought an alternative unlocking solution before properly and fully receiving the service ordered from us.

Network Operations and some features are network dependent. We cannot guarantee that our service will enable the blackberry to operate on any specific network, as certain phones will only work on certain networks because of different GSM frequencies. Buyers are responsible for checking the compatibility of their handset with the network they intend to use once unlocked.

Keep in mind that unlocking service will not repair a defective phone or enable your phone to get a signal where a signal is not available.

Refund will not be issued if:

- you provided incorrect information on your order form
- your phone was unlocked but is not getting a signal
- your phone had 0 tries to enter unlock code prior to purchase
- your phone’s network is “blocked”
- your phone was unlocked prior to your purchase

Please click here to see if your phone is locked or unlocked and if you have tries to enter the code

Code Error Message

In the event that you get a “code error” message, there are a few things you should first check:

  • How many remaining tries did you have PRIOR to trying our code? If you had 0, your phone was already blocked/hardlocked.
  • Did you read the instructions prior to entering your code?
  • Did you type the code correctly?
  • Did you provide us with the correct information when placing your order?

If you feel that you’ve done everything 100% correctly, here’s what to do:

Step 1 – Provide us your phone’s MEP

* You can use our “How to find my MEP” page to learn how to do this.
* Doing this will ensure that the code you received is 100% accurate.

If we confirm the code is correct, proceed to Step 2.

Step 2 – Provide us with a short video proof that the code we provided is incorrect, showing the following:

* Your phone’s IMEI
* Your phone’s Vendor ID (press ALT + Shift + H to get to the Help me! screen)
* Your screen after you enter “MEPD” showing all of the network locks
* Your screen after you enter “MEP2″ showing how many tries remaining

If the code REALLY doesn’t work (though we doubt it unless there has been a slight user error), we will gladly refund your payment.